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Connect to FTP, FTPS, and SFTP servers to manage and manipulate files with ease within SSIS.

Easily transfer files and perform basic file and directory manipulations.

Transparently work directly with data stored within flat files on the server or with file system and folder data.

A unified framework to work with cloud or local files in an identical way by extracting and loading data from/to FTP/FTPS/SFTP servers without the need to save the files locally.

Part of SSIS Productivity Pack, a collection of over 300 SSIS add-on components to enable greater development productivity.

SFTP Connection Manager


Connection Managers

ssis ftps connector  SSIS FTPS Connection Manager

  • Facilitates connection to an FTP or FTPS server.
  • Supports TLS encryption through Explicit or Implicit mode.
  • Advanced settings to help with special FTPS server configurations and behaviours.

ssis sftp connector  SSIS SFTP Connection Manager

  • Facilitates connection to an SFTP server.
  • Supports authentication through Password or Key.
  • Advanced settings to help with special SFTP server configurations and behaviours.

These connection managers can be used to perform a large variety of procedures in SSIS including file transfer and data retrieval.

In combination with other components from the SSIS Productivity Pack, these connectors offer
developers greater potential when working with SFTP, FTPS, & FTP servers within SSIS.

SSIS premium file transfer task
SSIS premium file system source
SSIS premium flat file destination

Experience SSIS SFTP, FTPS & FTP with
SSIS Productivity Pack

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Connection Managers

Use SFTP & FTPS Connection Managers within the following components,
all found within SSIS Productivity Pack

SSIS Premium Flat File Connector
Premium Flat File Source & Destination
SSIS Premium File Transfer Connector
Premium File Transfer Task
SSIS Premium Excel Connector
Premium Excel Source & Destination
SSIS Premium File System Connector
Premium File System Source & Destination