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with a File Server

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Easily sync SharePoint with a File Server or any other application so information is always up-to-date. Capture data across applications so your business operates with the latest information available.

With our high-performance, easy-to-use, cost-effective data integration solution built on the SSIS ETL engine, developers can use the skill-set they already know to quickly build effective SSIS data integration packages between SharePoint and a File Server.

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SharePoint Toolkit

Take advantage of the freedom, flexibility and power of the SSIS ETL engine to easily
integrate and migrate data between Microsoft SharePoint and a File Server.

Download the SSIS Integration Toolkit for
Microsoft SharePoint

  SharePoint Toolkit 

SSIS Integration Toolkit - Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition is the must-have access to all KingswaySoft SSIS Integration products.

The Ultimate Edition is one single license that allows you to download the SSIS Productivity Pack and any of our 14 SSIS Integration Toolkit without purchasing individual licenses for each. Simply download the toolkit you require and your Ultimate Edition license is applied automatically on the product. Our solutions take care of all the intricate details so you do not have to.





All Access

One single license key to download all SSIS Integration Toolkit & SSIS Productivity Pack products (individual downloads of each product requried).

No Custom Scripts

Over 300 premium and unique SSIS components to facilitate rapid ETL development without any custom scripting.

Any Integration

Includes dozens of Connection Managers to connect and integrate with virtually any application or database system, including dedicated support for over 100 applications.

Boost Productivity

Receive dozens of additional connectivity and productivity enhancement solutions to ease data integration development.

Immediate Updates

Access to new SSIS Integration Toolkit products and updates as soon as they are released (valid maintenance required).

Familiar Technology

Built utilizing Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), a performant and flexible ETL platform, allowing your team to take advantage of the technologies and skills they already have.

More SharePoint Integration Scenarios

Our SSIS components make it easy to transfer data and integrate seamlessly with different services within the ETL process. Each service available has specific components that have been developed to work with all the intricacies of that particular application. Below you can see other data integration scenarios:

SSIS Integrate SharePoint from Azure Data Lake
Integrate SharePoint with Azure Data Lake
SSIS Integrate SharePoint from Box
Integrate SharePoint with Box
SSIS Integrate SharePoint with DocuSign
Integrate SharePoint with DocuSign
SSIS Integrate SharePoint from Dropbox
Integrate SharePoint with Dropbox
SSIS Integrate SharePoint with Dynamics 365
Integrate SharePoint with Dynamics 365
SSIS Integrate SharePoint from Excel
Integrate SharePoint with Excel
SSIS Integrate SharePoint with Jira
Integrate SharePoint with Jira
SSIS Integrate SharePoint with a Network Drive
Integrate SharePoint with a Network Drive
SSIS Integrate SharePoint with OneDrive
Integrate SharePoint with OneDrive
SSIS Integrate SharePoint with Power Apps
Integrate SharePoint with Power Apps
SSIS Integrate SharePoint with Power BI
Integrate SharePoint with Power BI
SSIS Integrate SharePoint with Salesforce
Integrate SharePoint with Salesforce
SSIS Integrate SharePoint with ServiceNow
Integrate SharePoint with ServiceNow
SSIS Integrate SharePoint from Teams
Integrate SharePoint with Teams

More Integration Toolkits Use Cases

SSIS Integration Toolkit for Directory Services Use Cases
Directory Services
SSIS Integration Toolkit for HubSpot Use Cases
SSIS Integration Toolkit for Marketo Use Cases
SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Use Cases
Microsoft Dynamics 365
SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics GP Use Cases
Microsoft Dynamics GP
SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics SL Use Cases
Microsoft Dynamics SL
SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Project Server Use Cases
Microsoft Project Server
SSIS Integration Toolkit for NetSuite Use Cases
SSIS Integration Toolkit for Oracle CRM On Demand Use Cases
Oracle CRM On Demand
SSIS Integration Toolkit for Oracle Marketing Cloud Use Cases
Oracle Marketing Cloud
SSIS Integration Toolkit for QuickBooks Use Cases
SSIS Integration Toolkit for Salesforce Use Cases
SSIS Integration Toolkit for Azure DevOps Server Use Cases
Azure DevOps Server

Discover Our SSIS Integration Toolkits

Powerful SSIS Integration Toolkits designed to address the specific integration requirements for some of the world's leading enterprise applications. These connectivity solutions are available on their own or all together with the
SSIS Integration Toolkit Ultimate Edition.

Directory Services
Dynamics 365
Dynamics GP
Dynamics SL
Project Server
Oracle CRM On Demand
Oracle Marketing Cloud
SSYS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft SharePoint
Team Foundation Server

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