Version 2.1 - August 17, 2018 

This release comes with the following updates and enhancements:

  • Enhancement: We improved the error handling when using Bulk API in Oracle Eloqua destination component.
  • Enhancement: We have updated the license manager program to now report details of distinct connections in use.
  • Fixed: Our software may report a connection metering related error during runtime for some specific system environments.

Version 2.0 - April 26, 2018

This release comes with the following updates and enhancements:

  • New: We added support for Azure-SSIS Integration Runtime (IR) deployment and licensing.
  • New: Standard use licensing model, this limits the number of distinct connections to 8 per connection type within a 24 hour period at runtime.
  • Update: We have an updated version of License Agreement that covers the new Azure-SSIS IR licensing model along with many other revisions - the new agreement becomes effective as of today (April 26, 2018).
  • Enhancement: Updated the metadata for custom object.
  • Enhancement: We added command line support for Oracle Marketing Cloud Token Manager program.
  • Fixed: Bulk API may work improperly in Oracle Eloqua Source component.

Version 1.0 - December 14, 2017

This is our first public final release of SSIS Integration Toolkit for Oracle Marketing Cloud software.

  • Three main components
    • Oracle Eloqua Connection Manager
    • Oracle Eloqua Source Component
    • Oracle Eloqua Destination Component
  • Support for SSIS 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008R2, 2008, 2005
  • Support for the following four actions in Oracle Eloqua Destination Component
    • Create
    • Update
    • Upsert
    • Delete