Version 2 of the SSIS Productivity Pack


OAKVILLE, January 27, 2017: Today KingswaySoft, a leader in productivity and connectivity enhancements for SSIS, announces the release of version 2 of the SSIS Productivity Pack. This release brings a total of 40 of the most advanced ETL tools to the market. With the SSIS Productivity Pack developers have access to unique and premium components not available anywhere else. Version two adds Premium Lookup and Premium Slowly Changing Dimension components which are enhancements on the out-of-box components to ease development and add new features. The latest release also introduces new components to SSIS including components to facilitate integration with Azure Service Bus, components for inputting and outputting JSON or XML data in SSIS and an easy to use Time Zone Conversion component.

Version 2 also announces the amalgamation of the Premium File Pack with the SSIS Productivity Pack. Previously offered as a stand-alone product, the Premium File Pack offers components for connecting to FTPS and SFPT servers within SSIS and components for working with flat files in a more robust fashion. We have also added 2 new components to this line for reading and writing to a file system. All 6 of these components are now included within the SSIS Productivity Pack to bring even more enhancements to the pack. Existing customers of the Premium File Pack will be thrilled to learn they have now been upgraded to the SSIS Productivity Pack.

The goal of the SSIS Productivity Pack is to fill the gaps and find codeless solutions for common problems SSIS developers face on a daily basis. With version 2 of the SSIS Productivity Pack, developers have more tools at their disposal to accomplish more than within SSIS than once possible without custom scripts. With our new JSON and XML Merge and Extract components, developers can quickly and efficiently use JSON or XML data as a source in SSIS, or transfer data into XML or JSON format for output. The Azure Service Bus components enable codeless integration with Azure Service Bus to bring more control and potentials to your data and integration needs. With the Time Zone Conversion component converting date columns to a new time zone could not be any easier. The Premium Lookup combines, enhances, and simplifies development of the out-of-box Lookup and Fuzzy Lookup components plus allows developers to perform a lookup between any two sources. The Premium Slowly Changing Dimension component creates an extremely easy development process and simplifies the data output process to offer great usability. Finally, the Premium File System components make it easy to read and write data from a file system easy within SSIS.

For more details on all 40 components offered in the SSIS Productive Pack please visit the SSIS Productivity Pack Product Page, or download it now to try it our for yourself for free.

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