Announcing the Public Release of the SSIS Productivity Pack


OAKVILLE, ON: October 24, 2016 - KingswaySoft Inc., a leading provider of data integration solutions using SSIS, today announced the general availability of the SSIS Productivity Pack in time for SQL Pass Summit. The SSIS Productivity Pack is a collection of premium SSIS components to make SSIS a much more powerful ETL platform and enable greater development productivity. The SSIS Productivity Pack offers more powerful features and new enhancements to enable integration scenarios not once possible without custom scripting.

  • A premium pack of the most advanced ETL components in the industry.
  • Eliminates the need for custom scripts for common complex requirements.
  • Saves time and offers significantly greater potentials in SSIS.
  • Enables developers to accomplish more in SSIS in a more productive fashion.

Tthe SSIS Productivity Pack currently comes with a total of 3 Connection Managers, 14 Data Flow Components and 6 Task Components, with more to come in the future.

Complete listing of the components available in the SSIS Productivity pack

  • Data Generation and Anonymization
    • Data Anonymizer
    • Data Spawner
  • Data Quality and Comparison
    • Diff Detector
    • Duplicate Detector
  • Encryption and Compression Tasks
    • Compression Task
    • PGP Encryption Task
  • Template Merge
    • HTML Merge
    • Text Merge
  • Premium Data Flow Components
    • Premium Derived Column
    • Premium ADO.NET Source
    • Premium ADO.NET Destination
  • Email Components
    • Email Connection Manager
    • Email Source Component
    • SMTP Connection Manager
    • SMTP Destination Component
    • SMTP Task
  • HTTP/Web Service Components
    • HTTP Connection Manager
    • HTTP Requester
    • HTTP Requester Task
    • Web Service Source Component
    • Web Service Destination Component
    • Web Service Task Component
  • Other Task Components
    • Timer Task

If coming from a Beta release of the SSIS Productivity Pack, this new version comes with 2 new components, Email Connection Manager and Email Source Component which support POP3, IMAP and Echange Web Services.

Learn more about the SSIS Productivity Pack, and download your free trial now.

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