New Components Added to the SSIS Productivity Pack


OAKVILLE, ON: September 2, 2016 – KingswaySoft Inc., a leading provider of data integration solutions using SSIS, today announced the expansion of the recently released SSIS Productivity Pack to include 5 additional SSIS Components. Still in Beta mode, the SSIS Productivity Pack is a collection of premium SSIS components to enable greater developer productivity and increase the power of SSIS.

At the initial release of the SSIS Productivity Pack the pack contained a total of 13 components including 2 Connection Managers, 8 Data Flow Components and 3 Task Components. This collections has now been expanded to include 18 in total with 3 additional Data Flow components and 2 new Task Components made available today.

  • New Data Flow Components
    • HTTP Requester - this is a data flow transformation component that can process or submit a series of HTTP requests and receive their responses. It can be used to read or write data to a series of HTTP URLs, or it can be used to download a series of files from a remote HTTP website. 
    • Diff Detector - this new component can compare SSIS input rows side-by-side to find out if there are any differences between the two upstream SSIS buffers based on the defined matching key columns. Both simple and compound keys are supported.
    • Premium ADO.NET Destination component - this is a greatly enhanced ADO.NET destination component which offers many features including the support of all write actions such as Insert, Update, Delete and also Upsert.
  • New Control Flow Tasks
    • HTTP Requester - similar to the above HTTP Requester component, the HTTP Requester task allows to process a single HTTP request and receive a response.
    • Web Service Task - this task can be used to process a web service request. It is a much improved Web Service Task compared to the out-of-box one, as we support many options that are not available to the out-of-box web service task.

In addition to the above new components and tasks, we have also had some important bug fixes from the last public announcement. And we made one specific enhancement to the Premium Derived Column and Data Spawner components, both of them now support a RowIndex functionality which can be used to produce an incremental index for the each row in the SSIS buffer (read about a Use Case for this here).

Please visit our SSIS Productivity Pack page for more information on the pack, or download and try out the components for yourself for free.

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