Introducing the Productivity Pack, A Collection of Premium SSIS Components


OAKVILLE, August 10, 2016 - KingswaySoft Inc., a leading provider of data integration solutions using SSIS, today announced the Beta release of the SSIS Productivity Pack, which introduces 13 new components for SSIS to enable greater developer productivity and increases the power of SSIS.

Designed to further expand the potentials within SSIS, the SSIS Productivity Pack facilities advanced and complex SSIS requirements with easy-to-use components that eliminate the need for custom scripts. Client success is KingswaySoft's first priority; as we grew our SSIS Integration Toolkit product line, we were finding gaps in the integration scenarios our clients were able to create. Our goal is always to find a codeless solution to data integration, with our new Productivity Pack developers will be able to eliminate custom-scripts for some commonly-encountered complex requirements in SSIS.

The beta release of the SSIS Productivity Pack includes 2 Connection Managers, 8 Data Flow Components and 3 Task Components. We have categorized these components into 7 types of components: Data Generation and Anonymization, Template Merging, Advance Transformations, Email, HTTP/Web Services, Encryption and Compression and additional Task Components. 

Highlights of the SSIS Productivity Pack include:

  • Premium Derived Column offers nearly 200 functions and an advanced expression editor among many additional features and performance enhancements.
  • Web Service components connect to virtually any SOAP-based service endpoints to read or write data.
  • Sending emails in an individual or batched fashion can be done easily in SSIS using the SMTP components including support for email attachments.
  • Sample data generation cannot be any easier than the Data Spawner component.
  • Protect your sensitive data using the Data Anonymizer component before sending or moving the data to a different environment.
  • Perform text or HTML content merge with SSIS columns/variables with an easy-to-use UI.
  • Compress or decompress .zip files within SSIS.
  • Set tasks within your SSIS package to run on their own timers.

Our developers are already hard at work creating even more SSIS Components for the Productivity Pack. Our goal is to create the most unique, easy to use and advanced pack of SSIS components to simplify complex SSIS scenarios to increase developer productivity. While we work on expanding our offering of SSIS components we wanted to present a special introductory offer by introducing the SSIS Productivity Pack at a reduced rate for a limited time. Please visit our SSIS Productivity Pack page for more information on the pack, download and try out the components for yourself for free and learn more about our introductory offer.

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