Inogicis a Microsoft Partner with Silver Competency in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They believe in providing turnkey solutions to their customers that require minimum efforts and learning curve from the customer’s end. They are also an ISV with their flagship products including Integration solutions such as INOLINK (integrates with Intuit QuickBooks) and MAPLYTICS (Integrates with Bing Maps).

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Migrate all data on the incumbent system including emails and attachments with Dynamics CRM 2013


Migrating over 60GB of data quickly and reliably

Required SSIS Integration Toolkit:

SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 The KingswaySoft team has been very prompt in responding back to our queries. We are based out of India while they are in Canada and that involved our working hours to not match, but KingswaySoft team did understand the time difference and were available for a couple of hours during our business hours just to ensure that our queries had been answered and there were no blockers for the day. 

~Roohi Shaikh


When Inogic’s client had still been using Dynamics CRM 3.0 and decided to upgrade to Dynamics CRM 2013, they turned to KingswaySoft for the solution. The challenge was to move 60 gigs of data dating back to 2006 over to CRM 2013. Inogic ruled out an in-place upgrade since there was no direct upgrade path from CRM 3.0 to CRM 2013 and the hardware requirements over the versions had changed.

Knowing that our solution allowed for data migration from CRM 3.0 to CRM 2013 and that we used the SSIS platform which meant that migration wouldn’t take long, Inogic decided to start with a fresh CRM 2013 environment and bring over all the data from CRM 3.0.


SSIS Integration Toolkit for:

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Inogic considered several different options before they realized that KingswaySoft would be the only solution that met all their needs. They had considered using the OOB import option to bring over the master data. However, the OOB tool does not handle importing of attachments unless they provided them as physical files in the zip file. Another idea was to develop their own custom migration tool by rewriting a CRM to CRM conversion tool. However, this would have taken too much time. They would have needed to design an optimum solution quickly as the speed of conversion was of high importance in this case. They then turned to the SSIS platform as they knew it to be a very effective data migration platform that inherently implements threading to handle large data migrations efficiently. Knowing that KingswaySoft uses the SSIS platform, it was a natural choice for Inogic to proceed with our solution.


Inogic was blown away by the results. Transferring masters that had more than 10,000 records took approximately 30 to 45 minutes. The biggest challenge was migrating activities and especially emails over from CRM 3.0 to CRM 2013. Importing activities included correctly setting the activity parties and with the prompt guidance from the KingswaySoft team, Inogic was quickly able to get past any hurdles they initially experienced while doing this. Inogic also faced timeout, data length issues during the email migration but with KingswaySoft’s team readily available, the solution was promptly updated to accommodate the changes, ensuring a smooth migration that required little manual intervention once the job was set to execute. In the end, Inogic was able to bring over 60 gigs of data that involved 300,000+ emails with attachments over the course of one weekend, all with the help of KingswaySoft.