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Writing JavaScript code that interact with Dynamics CRM server to retrieve data or create/update records can be a very complicated process. Constructing the Dynamics SOAP messages can be extremely time consuming and difficult due to the complexity of the Dynamics SOAP messages.

Using the XrmSvcToolkit, you can execute CRUD operations with this lightweight open source library.

The toolkit implements the following methods:

  • createRecord (REST)
  • updateRecord (REST)
  • deleteRecord (REST)
  • retrieve (REST)
  • associate (REST)
  • disassociate (REST)
  • setState (SOAP)
  • fetch (SOAP)
  • execute (SOAP)

Click here and you can download the library, and see if it can help simplify your interaction with Dynamics SOAP service endpoint.

It is important to note that the library is no longer actively maintained, and we make no warranty or whatsoever to the library in any cases. You would only use the library if you are still using Dynamics CRM Server 2015 or lower. Otherwise, you should move to the Xrm.WebApi library, which is more efficient and easier to work with.