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Writing Javascripts that fetch data from other entities or creating/updating other records can be very complicated. One approach is to write complex SOAP requests, the other approach would be to use the REST service provided. While REST is a more simple method, both methods involve writing code, which can be time consuming and complex.

Using the XrmSvcToolkit, you can execute CRUD operations with this lightweight open source library. It removes all the complications from working with the REST interface and offers an easier method of working with CRM Data.

The toolkit implements the following methods:

  • createRecord (REST)
  • updateRecord (REST)
  • deleteRecord (REST)
  • retrieve (REST)
  • associate (REST)
  • disassociate (REST)
  • setState (SOAP)
  • fetch (SOAP)
  • execute (SOAP)

Click here and you can download our XrmSvcToolkit in minutes. In just a few steps, you can see for yourself how our software can quickly help you with your projects.