Webcast: Solving your Data Integration Challenges


The number of databases and applications businesses use is constantly growing. Whether migrating to Dynamics 365 or adding new applications and database systems that needs to work with existing Microsoft Dynamics applications, developers are constantly facing new data challenges.

Join us as we demonstrate how our SSIS solution can help you with your data challenges. We offer a full suite data integration solution that grows with your business in this constantly evolving landscape. Using our software, you can work with virtually any data source or application systems – in order to surpass your growing business demands.

We will be broadcasting on January 14 at 10am EST and again at 1pm and 3pm EST. Register now at https://register.gotowebinar.com/rt/6101980974735521035?source=kws

KingswaySoft Webcast: Solving Your Data Integration Challenges - January 14, 2020

About KingswaySoft

At KingswaySoft, we offer a collection of over 220 SSIS components that facilitate the most complex integration scenarios. These include data masking and anonymization, duplicate detection, data comparison, data profiling, advanced expression, encryption and compression, JSON, XML processing, SFTP/FTPS, and message queuing, to name a few. Additionally, many other premium components support in delivering a rapid ETL development experience using Microsoft Visual Studio and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) as the platform.

Our solution also includes support for connecting to NoSQL databases, cloud storage services, message queuesREST APIs, and virtually any other API or web service endpoint (SOAP or REST). Additional connectivity solutions are also available for facilitating data integration with enterprise applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, Active Directory, Magento, Team Foundation Server, Project Server,  and many more. Similarly, REST connections are available for numerous applications including Asana, Facebook Business, MailChimp, Microsoft Teams, MYOB, Twilio, Paypal, Shopify, Slack, WordPress, Yammer, and Zuora, to name a few.

Learn more at www.kingswaysoft.com.

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