Supercharge your ETL Development with Advanced SSIS Components


Want to get more out of your SSIS development efforts? The SSIS Productivity Pack is a collection of premium SSIS components which enable an improved SSIS ETL development experience with greater potentials. These SSIS components for connectivity and productivity offer more features and bring new enhancements to SSIS to enable integration scenarios not once possible without custom scripting.

In this online session, we will introduce you to our collection of over 220 advanced SSIS components. We will demonstrate some of our most popular offerings including our JSON & XML components for integrating with REST APIs, Premium Derived Column with over 225 functions, and unique components such as Duplicate Detector and Diff Detector.

In additional to performing advanced transformations you will also find code-less and feature-rich solutions for integrating with virtually any application or database system including leading enterprise applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, Dynamics 365 and more.

The session will take place on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 2:30pm EST. Although an online event, places are limited and registration is required to gain access to the session.

About KingswaySoft

At KingswaySoft, we offer a collection of over 220 SSIS components that facilitate the most complex integration scenarios. These include data masking and anonymization, duplicate detection, data comparison, data profiling, advanced expression, encryption and compression, JSON, XML processing, SFTP/FTPS, and message queuing, to name a few. Additionally, many other premium components support in delivering a rapid ETL development experience using Microsoft Visual Studio and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) as the platform.

Our solution also includes support for connecting to NoSQL databases, cloud storage services, message queues, REST APIs, and virtually any other API or web service endpoint (SOAP or REST). Additional connectivity solutions are also available for facilitating data integration with enterprise applications such as Microsoft SharePoint, Active Directory, Magento, Team Foundation Server, Project Server,  and many more. Similarly, REST connections are available for numerous applications including Asana, Facebook Business, MailChimp, Microsoft Teams, MYOB, Twilio, Paypal, Shopify, Slack, Wordpress, Yammer, and Zuora, to name a few.

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