Beta Release: SSIS Integration Toolkit for Team Foundation Server


OAKVILLE, ON, September 6, 2017 - KingswaySoft Inc., a leading provider of data integration solutions, today announced the beta release of the SSIS Integration Toolkit for Team Foundation Server, which offers a performant way to make integration possible for TFS by utilizing Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) as the integration platform.

Team Foundation Server is a popular application for development teams, it provides source code management, reporting, project management, testing and release management among many other capabilities covering the entire application lifecycle. A common challenge is other teams within the organization do not always have access to key data within Team Foundation Server, such as when the customer service or sales team needs to keep a client up to date on the progress of issue they may be facing. With the use of SSIS Integration Toolkit for Team Foundation Server, developers are able to integrate necessary data from Team Foundation Server into any other application or database system including CRM. Developers are then able to write data from CRM or any other system back into TFS, this way all data is consistent between all the various applications needed to keep businesses running smoothly.

The SSIS Integration Toolkit for Team Foundation Server is powered by a Team Foundation Connection Manager, which facilitates the connection with your TFS server, a Team Foundation Source Component, which is an SSIS source component that you can use to read data from TFS, and a Team Foundation Destination Component, to enable rapid performance for writing data to your TFS. Along with all the capabilities offered by the SSIS platform, we make the most flexible data integration solution available for Team Foundation Server. 

Coming from a data integration background with different experiences in the integration field, we understand all the pains and challenges you have in your integration projects regardless of the applications or database systems it involves. We have designed our TFS solution to be another top-notch integration solution in our SSIS product family. The Team Foundation Server integration solution is built upon the same proven framework that we have used in other integration solutions including Project Server, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SharePoint, and Salesforce. Our goal is to make the most flexible integration solution with a cost-effective price tag. 

You receive the following benefits when using the SSIS Integration Toolkit for Team Foundation Server

Codeless integration

With our data integration, you don't have to write a single line of code to make the data integration happen. Data integration development can be done in a matter of minutes, which may otherwise require weeks or months when using an alternative approach or solution.

Unparalleled performance

Performance is crucial to the success of your data integration solution. With that in mind, we squeeze out every bit of performance from every single line of code, our software offers many specifically designed features that help you achieve the best possible performance.

Flexible and Easy-to-use

Powered by many enterprise ETL features offered through SSIS, our software offers the most intuitive user interfaces, which provide you the best usability and flexibility to get your integration development done.


With a streamlined development experience to save your organization time and resources, as well as an extremely simple licensing model, our solution offers the best value for your investment.

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