Summer 2015 Release - SSIS Integration Toolkit


We are pleased to announce our entire SSIS Integration Toolkit has been updated, this includes minor fixes for Microsoft Dynamics AXMicrosoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft Dynamics MarketingMicrosoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft SharePoint, Directory Services, Oracle CRM On Demand, QuickBooks and Salesforce.

We have also release v3.0 of our SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

  • New We added support for Tenant option in NAV connection manager.
  • New We added support for Supplementary Parameters option in NAV source and destination components.
  • New The output columns can now be selected and de-selected in Dynamics NAV source component's editor window.
  • New NAV destination component now provide a tooltip message for those Option type fields which illustrates the allowed values for the field.
  • New NAV destination component now rejects those input values that not valid options for those Option type fields.
  • Fixed NAV connection manager used to save connection information when Test Connection button is clicked regardless of whether the changes are accepted by clicking the “OK” button.
  • Fixed Datetime values were not accepted by NAV server when writing data using NAV destination component.
  • Update Instead of reporting null values for IsNew column in some cases previously, NAV destination component now always report a value (true or false).
  • Update When no proxy information is entered, IE default proxy is now used.

We now have v6.0 for our Microsoft Dynamics CRM toolkit with support for CRM 2015 Update one.

New SSIS Integration Toolkit Ultimate Edition

For those who require more than 2 or 3 different products in our SSIS Integration Toolkit, we now have a solution for you. With one commercial license key you can now install any of our SSIS Integration toolkit. Provided your maintenance is up-to-date you will also have access to any new products we introduce to the SSIS Integration Toolkit product family.

Read more about the SSIS Integration Toolkit - Ultimate Edition

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