Release: SSIS Integration Toolkit v5.1 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM


We're happy to announce that the latest release to our SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available today! Version 5.1 is available for download and we’ve added some great new features that we think you’ll enjoy using. This release includes the following updates:

  • New: We added a new "Retry on Intermittent Errors" option in CRM connection manager.
  • New: We make the "CRM Server URL" option available for editing in CRM connection manager's editor window.
  • Enhancement: Improved handling of default statecode (Thanks to Sridevi and Sujoy for suggesting this enhancement)
  • Enhancement: You can now set a systemuser record's parentsystemuserid to NULL.
  • Enhancement: We now support reparenting team records (Thanks to Bob for suggesting this enhancement).
  • Enhancement: Improved FetchXML support in CRM source component which now supports aggregate FetchXML queries (Thanks to Lester).
  • Enhancement: We added support for a tiered enterprise license.
  • Enhancement: We added the capability to remove the extra columns (CrmRecordId, IsNew) from CRM destination component's default output.
  • Enhancement: We added support for a tiered enterprise license.
  • Update: The software's license agreement has been updated.
  • Fixed: In some special cases, you might run into an error saying "System.ArgumentException: Stream was not readable." with either CRM source or destination component if SOAP 2007 service endpoint is used (Thanks to José for reporting this issue).
  • Fixed: In a unique situation, you could run into an "Invalid type For entity id value" error with CRM destination component (Thanks to Bob and Daniele for reporting this issue).
  • Fixed: When using an optionset field for Upsert matching purpose, you could run into an error saying "An exception System.FormatException was thrown while trying to convert input value 'XXX OptionSet Value' to attribute 'YYY_OptionSetField'. Expected type of attribute value: System.Int32. Exception raised: Input string was not in a correct format", where 'XXX OptionSet Value' is your input value for the optionset field, and 'YYY_OptionSetField' is the optionset field's name (Thanks to James and Shiv for reporting this issue).
  • Fixed: In some special case, you might receive an error saying "Cannot access a disposed object" (Thanks to Berel and CRM MVP Scott Sewell for reporting this issue).
  • Fixed: When using Primary Key upsert matching option in a CRM destination component, if "Ignore Null-Valued Fields" option is enabled and the input value of the primary key field is indeed a NULL, you will receive any error message saying "Error: Failed to get value for CRM field 'xxxid' or its value is NULL", where xxxid is the primary key field of the target entity (Thanks to CRM MVP Scott Sewell for reporting this issue).
  • Fixed: When using SSIS 2012 or 2014 project level connection manager, you get an error saying "'Salt' attribute for Password is missing in the project manifest" when the password is stored using EncryptSensitiveWithPassword option (a recent SQL Server cumulative update or service pack is required to work with this fix, thanks to Renato for reporting this issue).

The new release is available for immediate download from the following links (or our online download page). Should you encounter any issues with the new release, please contact us immediately.

We hope you will find the new release useful and thanks very much for your support!

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