Introducing KingswaySoft MVP Program


We're very excited to announce our MVP program today which is now available for sign up.

The KingswaySoft MVP program is established to build direct communication with users who have proven exceptional skills with KingswaySoft products and who demonstrate their passion and possess strong social influence within the community. Our MVP program acknowledges these outstanding individuals for their expertise, leadership and continuing support.

Some of the qualifications we're looking for in a MVP includes:

  • Expertise: Have a strong understanding of KingswaySoft’s products and requirements of the community
  • Collaborative: Provide feedback and participate in beta programs
  • Advocacy: Openly share their passion about KingswaySoft’s products and advocating the brand
  • Contributive: Actively engaging in the community through various forms of media

Taking part of our MVP Program has its perks. Some of them include:

  • Software Entitlements: Receive a complementary perpetual license (not for resale) for software development, testing and licensing
  • Support and maintenance: Dedicated technical support and access to software upgrades
  • MVP Engagement Program: Opportunities for you to interact with our product management team and influence KingswaySoft’s innovation roadmaps and receive invitations to beta programs
  • Training resources: Participate in free educational webinars and training programs
  • Status Recognition: Demonstrate your expertise with KingswaySoft’s MVP branding opportunities and increase your visibility in the marketplace, develop your position and market coverage

If you would like to join our MVP program, please contact us for the KingswaySoft MVP enrolment application form and our non-disclosure agreement. We'll review your application, your experience and past contributions. One of our team members will be in touch with you to disucss the next steps.

Here at KingswaySoft, our goal is to constantly improve our SSIS Integration solution for our customers. Users who have a deep understanding of the development community's needs play a central role in our innovation roadmap through their suggestions and input on features. We invite everyone who can mutually benefit from our MVP program to apply today!

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