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Integrate the client's data between their ERP software and Salesforce.


  1. To integrate data as quickly as possible, close to real-time.

Required SSIS Integration Toolkit:

SSIS Integration Toolkit for Salesforce

 Every KingswaySoft product we have used works exceptionally well. We especially like how we don’t need a license to build a solution until we deploy it to a server. It allows us to ensure that the Toolkit will meet our needs and to demonstrate the functionality to our clients in Visual Studio. We also appreciate the reasonable licensing price for the Toolkit. 

~Paul Purington
Data Analytics Consultant / CEO
Superior Consulting Services


Superior Consulting Services' client needed to integrate the data between their ERP software and Salesforce as quickly as possible. The client uses Salesforce as a reporting environment because the reporting from the ERP is very limited. As customers, opportunities, sales orders, and products are created and updated in the ERP software, they needed to be added and updated in Salesforce in as close to real time as possible. The initial connection to the Salesforce API can take 5 seconds. With about a dozen objects to be updated, the initial connections alone would take 1 minute.


SSIS Integration Toolkit for:

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Superior Consulting Services had prior expreince working with KingswaySoft's SSIS Integration Toolkits, and decided to use the SSIS Integration Toolkit for Salesforce to resolve the client's challenge. Using the KingswaySoft SSIS Integration Toolkit for Salesforce, Superior Consulting Services team created an SSIS package that identifies and retrieves data modifications in the ERP software and sends the data to the corresponding object in Salesforce. The SSIS package is called by a SQL Server Agent job that is scheduled to run every 10 seconds. Depending on the number of changes that are sent through the SSIS package, the data is updated in Salesforce within 1 minute or less after it is entered in the ERP package.The SSIS package first determines if there is any data that needs to be integrated for each object. If there is data, it makes the connection and migrates the data. If not, the package moves on to the next object without making a connection.


Using the SSIS Integration Toolkit for Saleforce to integrate with the client's ERP system, Superior Consulting Services saved significant time, meeting their objective in developing an integration with Salesforce that syncs data as quickly as possible. In their experience, KingswaySoft makes it very easy to connect to Salesforce and retrieve or update data. The Toolkit exposes ALL of the Salesforce objects and their attributes, whether standard or custom. The data flows very quickly in and out of Salesforce and the Toolkit makes it very easy to to handle errant rows by diverting the bad data to a table or the Integration Errors object in Salesforce. All of the objects — including custom objects — are exposed through the KingswaySoft SSIS Integration Toolkit for Salesforce. All of the objects behave like data tables so building integrations is as easy as importing or exporting data from a database.

The Integration Toolkit has a wealth of features including text lookups but the best one is the upsert feature. The Toolkit automatically determines whether a Salesforce object such as an Account or Opportunity needs to be created or updated based on the passed in data so no extra logic needs to be built to avoid duplicate key errors.