Sound Technologies is the veterinary industry’s leading Digital Imaging and PACS Company. They were operating on CRM 2011 and looking to upgrade to the latest version. The project required that they have their existing CRM running simultaneously with the new CRM system for several months. This was so that testing could be completed on the new system and users could be trained on the new CRM version, prior to moving to production.

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Upgrade to the latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM version


  1. The incumbent system and new CRM must run simultaneously for testing and training purposes
  2. Solution must be simple to use and easy to automate
  3. Previous connectors that were tested proved insufficient when it came to troubleshooting and error reporting

Required SSIS Integration Toolkit:

SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 I’m impressively satisfied with the product and all the technical and business interactions with KingswaySoft.

KingswaySoft saves our resources and helps speed up our projects tremendously. 

~Tuan Nguyen
Dynamics CRM Developer
Sound Technologies


The new CRM needed to be completely migrated, tested and synchronized with production data while users were trained on and adapted to the new version. Sound Technologies needed a tool that could handle the initial migration of data as well as be used to continuously synchronize data from the old CRM still being used in the production environment. Sound Technologies found that their existing integration solution had a steep learning curve, and it was difficult design complex transformations, and automating the integration process was particularly challenging. They decided to switch to SSIS as their integration platform due to its power, flexibility and easy scheduling capabilities. The first CRM SSIS connector they tried was not satisfactory when it came to troubleshooting. Due to lack of details in the error reporting, they were not able to properly diagnose the issues when there was an error.


SSIS Integration Toolkit for:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

KingswaySoft’s SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM met all of their data migration project requirements and solved the issues Sound Technologies was facing with the other solutions. The tool felt easy and natural to use and develop complex transformations. The sophisticated and robust error handling made it simple to diagnose any errors they faced and the KingswaySoft team was incredibly helpful and responsive in answering any questions they had. Additionally, the testing and procurement process for the software was simple and straightforward, which allowed Sound Technologies to move through their migration project quickly and without delays.


Sound Technologies was able to resolve all challenges and achieve all their data migration goals with the aid of the SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With the use of the tool, they were able to perform the initial data migration into the new CRM system, and use it to schedule data integration jobs throughout the testing process. This was so the new system would be constantly synchronized with data from their production environment still on CRM 2011. Doing so allowed them to seamlessly perform an overnight switch when they were ready to move the new CRM system into production. Due to their great satisfaction with KingswaySoft’s product and the prompt and positive interactions with the KingswaySoft team, Sound Technologies decided to continue using the SSIS Integration Toolkit for their on-going integrations with their ERP system. With the flexibility and power of SSIS and the CRM toolkit, Sound Technologies was able to automate processes between their CRM and ERP to save time and resources. With the SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, accounting no longer needs to manually recreate an order in their ERP system, orders are now automatically created in their ERP once they are completed in CRM.