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SMS worked with Mental Health Commission WA to develop a case management solution to assist community case workers; improving real-time visibility and user access to data and records. This solution was built on the Dynamics CRM platform, with KingswaySoft SSIS technology used to manage, migrate and merge data records.

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  1. Reduce the number of platforms currently in use
  2. Combine data from two platforms into one case management system


De-duplicate patient and facility records from two systems and create one record in Dynamics CRM

Required SSIS Integration Toolkit:

SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 We have completed three migrations - DEV, TEST and UAT and have found KingswaySoft along with SSIS to be ideal for this project. We found KingswaySoft to be very receptive to questions and comments in the past. We were very happy with KingswaySoft SSIS and would definitely use the product again! 

~Bharat Premji
CRM Developer


Mental Health Commission WA wanted to reduce the number of platforms they were working with, and combine their data into one case management system. They needed to provide access to a cleaner, clearer database for patients and clients. The main challenge was to de-dupe patient and facility records from the two systems and create only one record in Dynamics CRM. Other data that needed to be transferred included historic and current patient case records, facility visit data, and review board meeting schedules. Migration also included bringing together the review board’s external members, giving them all access to one system, with one point of entry to log and allocate their time.


SSIS Integration Toolkit for:

Microsoft Dynamics 365

SMS considered using the out-of-the-box Excel import tool available in Dynamics CRM but found this would be too slow and data quality was poor in the legacy systems. Other alternatives were considered, but KingswaySoft was ultimately chosen after price considerations, and the ability to demo its capability to the client within Visual Studio at no cost. Another major consideration was the ability to utilize existing Microsoft technologies (SSIS) as part of the suite.


SMS was able to complete three migrations - DEV, TEST and UAT - and have found KingswaySoft along with SSIS to be the perfect choice for the Mental Health Commission WA. SMS was able to clean up the data from both existing databases, merge records appropriately according to set rules, and migrate the two databases into one. This ensured one contact could become part of several groups with all files and documentation appropriately stored against each record.