We are currently looking for a strong full-time Technical Marketing Specialist with hands-on experience in technical marketing and web content strategies to join our growing team. The Technical Marketing Specialist will work closely with our current Digital Marketing resources and the management team to deliver an exceptional marketing strategy which drives the success of our business. If you have excellent communication skills, a passion for making impactful global marketing strategies, strong in technical marketing and content creation, have a drive to succeed, you are the perfect candidate that we are looking for.

Required Experience:

  • Bachelor Degree or equivalent qualification
  • 2-5 years of experience in technical marketing or technical content writer capacity with a focus on B2B

Required Skills:

  • Highly efficient in creating technical marketing content including audio, video presentations
  • Comfortable in presenting technical sessions that demonstrate some complex processes enabled by professional software
  • Familiar with website development, content management, web graphics, multimedia and online security
  • Creative, forward thinking individual with strong hands-on technical marketing experiences
  • Have some exposure to technical SEO
  • Proven expertise in working with JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and web protocols including internet related software
  • Highly organized and goal-oriented and business minded
  • Fluent with Adobe suite of products - Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
  • Excellent command of MS Office applications
  • Extreme attention to details with respect to writing accuracy, grammatical correctness, etc.
  • Strong work ethic, a positive 'get it done' attitude and exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Exemplary organization and time management skills with the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

What do you actually do in this role?

  • Deliver technical presentations that demonstrate our ETL solutions
  • Contribute to our content creation, and develop product documentation
  • Create sample blueprint solutions that demonstrate the capabilities of our software
  • Help drive some of our marketing strategies, create visuals and designs for online marketing campaigns
  • Create an editorial calendar to manage content distribution and align with the various stages of the customer journey
  • Manage existing content assets to ensure all content is current, relevant and up-to-date
  • Collaborate with various members of the team to contribute to the development of sales tools including case studies, presentations, blogs and press releases
  • Research, write, and edit external-facing platforms including blogs and social media
  • Contribute to the management of our social properties including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other online forums, community websites

Who is KingswaySoft?

KingswaySoft is a leading integration solution provider offering software solutions that make data integration affordable and painlessly easy. We work with thousands of enterprise clients from over 90 countries including many Fortune 500 companies who rely on our solutions to integrate data with various application systems in order to drive their business efficiency and fully leverage their information assets. Client satisfaction and success is our number one priority which we deliver through unparalleled software and superior customer support.

KingswaySoft is a well-established organization with tremendous growth since the inception of the business. We start with the simple mission that is to help make data integration easy for our clients and partners, and we have established ourselves as a leading solution provider in the data integration and migration space.

Why join KingswaySoft?

  • You want to make an impact - We create the most sophisticated integration software in the industry, our software is used by thousands of enterprise clients in over 80 countries. At KingswaySoft, you have the opportunity to make a big impact if you excel in writing good software.
  • You want to be continually challenged - We emphasize continual improvement within our organization. We always strive to create the highest quality software.
  • You want to work with an exceptional team - Our team delivers; we pride ourselves in creating some most creative solutions in the market.
  • You want an exciting career - You like a career that is creative, requires innovation to succeed, and is financially and personally rewarding.
  • You like challenges - At KingswaySoft, you get the opportunities to create solutions that solve some of the most complicated integration scenarios, you will always find challenges in your development work.
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