ACS Deprecation - What does this mean to you as a 365/CRM developer

30 March 2017
Daniel Cai

Microsoft has retired the support of ACS. This blog post discusses what this means to you as a Dynamics 365/CRM developer, and what action should be taken moving forward.

The Mysterious Duplicate Status Records in CRM Audits

30 March 2017
Daniel Cai

At KingswaySoft, we always try to embrace new platform features as much and as soon as we can. However, in our support effort in helping one of our clients, we ran into a very strange situation that when we try to make an update of a CRM record's statecode/statuscode fields, it will always create two audit records for one service call. In this blog post, I will show you the symptom of the problem and how you can fix it.

Cascaded Lookup in Your CRM SSIS/ETL Project

23 March 2017
Daniel Cai

There are often times when you need to perform a cascaded lookup in your CRM SSIS/ETL project for cases such as when a lookup field could be located in 1 of 2 fields. This blog post will show you how you can perform such cascade lookups

Extracting CRM Attachments with Ease

21 March 2017
Daniel Cai

There are many reasons that you might want to extract attachments from Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM. For CRM online users one of the most appealing reason might be uploading the CRM attachments to a cloud storage such as SharePoint or OneDrive as a more cost-effective storage option. In this blog post, I will show you how to extract CRM attachments and save them to your local file system.

Happy Holidays!

20 December 2016
Jessica Petta

Happy New Year from all of us at KingswaySoft, thank you for helping us have a great year.

Update CRM Entityimage in 3 Easy Steps Using Premium Derived Column

24 November 2016
Jeremy Ji

In this blog post we will cover how you can very easily update CRM Entityimage within SSIS using the new Premium Derived Column.

Find and Merge CRM Duplicates With Ease Using SSIS Productivity Pack

04 November 2016
Chen Huang

This blog demonstrates how to use our SSIS Duplicate Detector component to find and merge duplicates with ease in CRM.

Our Week at UG Summit 2016 in Tampa, Florida

20 October 2016
Jessica Petta

A breif recap of our week at UG Summit 2016 in Tampa Florida as CRMUG Sponsor Attendees.

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