The Center for Health Affairs uses SSIS Integration Toolkit for more efficient Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integrations

02 April 2018
Jessica Petta

The Center for Health Affairs & CHAMPS Healthcare provide a variety of services oriented around healthcare. The rely on Microsoft technologies in order to increase business efficiency in improving the health of the community. They use SSIS Integration Toolkit to keep the data in those application up to date and drive their business processes.

Announcing Migration Starter Pack v3.0 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and CRM On-Premise

13 March 2018
Daniel Cai

Our CRM migration starter pack has been widely used by many clients worldwide. We have just made some further enhancements to cover some important migration tasks.

How to Cope with the new Dynamics 365 API Limits

27 February 2018
Daniel Cai

There was a sudden announcement from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement team about an upcoming API Limits. This blog post discusses the strategies and options for you if you rely on some heavy integration in your organization.

How to Retrieve Incremental Changes from CRM in your ETL Process

04 April 2017
Jeremy Ji

In this blog post we discuss how you can take advantage of CRM Change Tracking within your data synchronization project to only sync records that have changed.

Access CRM Fields in an Efficient Way

31 March 2017
Daniel Cai

As a professional Dynamics 365/CRM developer, you want your code to be as efficient as possible. I have often run into a code structure that first checks the existence of a particular field value in CRM entity property bag, and then trying to access the value using a dictionary lookup. This is very inefficient. In this blog post, I will show you why and how you can address the situation.

Migrate CRM close or resolution entity records in your ETL process

31 March 2017
Daniel Cai

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM uses some close entities to capture the reason why the primary record was closed with some additional information. In this blog post I discuss how to migrate CRM close or resolution entities in your ETL process properly to avoid creating duplicates for those entities in your target system.

Dance with CRM Statuses In ETL Project

31 March 2017
Daniel Cai

Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM entities often have some special statuses that would prohibit update of the entity record when there are any other fields involved but the record itself is in a certain status. One of such entities is the CRM case entity which has a physical name of incident in the system. If a case is resolved, you can't make any further updates to the record, otherwise you will receive an error indicating the case has been resolved, it needs to be reopened in order to make changes. This applies to other entities that might have similar restrictions, and it imposes a challenges to data integration (or ETL) development. In this blog post, I will show you how to work around this situation.

ACS Deprecation - What does this mean to you as a 365/CRM developer

30 March 2017
Daniel Cai

Microsoft has retired the support of ACS. This blog post discusses what this means to you as a Dynamics 365/CRM developer, and what action should be taken moving forward.

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