With the SSIS Premium Data Flow components found within SSIS Productivity Pack, ETL developers gain access to advanced SSIS components which provide significantly improved features compared to the out-of-box counterpart components.

Our Premium Data Flow connectors make it easy to work with data from different services within the ETL process. Each component available has been specifically developed to expand and enhance data migration and integration processes. This way developers can achieve more with less effort.

We have support for the following Premium Data Flow components:

SSIS Premium ADO.NET Connector
Premium ADO.NET
SSIS Premium Aggregate Connector
Premium Aggregate
SSIS Premium Conversion Connector
Premium Conversion
SSIS Premium Derived Column Connector
Premium Derived Column
SSIS Excel Connector
Premium Excel
SSIS Premium Lookup Connector
Premium Lookup
SSIS Premium OData Connector
Premium OData
SSIS Premium PDF Source Connector
Premium PDF Source
SSIS Premium Recordset Source Connector
Premium Recordset Source
SSIS Premium Service Lookup Connector
Premium Service Lookup
SSIS Premium Slowly Changing Dimension Connector
Premium Slowly Changing Dimension

SSIS Data Flow Premium components are all available in our
SSIS Productivity Pack

Using our SSIS Premium Data Flow components, you can integrate these components with virtually any other application or database system.