A collection of premium SSIS components to enable greater developer productivity and increase the power of SSIS.  With the SSIS Productivity Pack, developers can get their job done quicker using some of the most advanced ETL components in the industry.

The SSIS Productivity Pack

  • A premium collection SSIS component add-ons developers will use everyday to increase their SSIS productivity.
  • Eliminates the needs of writing custom scripts for some commonly-encountered complex requirements in SSIS.
  • Premium SSIS components expand on native SSIS components to offer new features with improved performance and greater ease of use.
  • The SSIS Productivity Pack saves time and offers significantly greater potentials when implementing solutions using SSIS.
  • The pack currently includes a total of 40 SSIS components; 6 Connection Managers, 27 Data Flow Components and 7 Task Components, with many more to come.
  • Available on its own or as part of a package within the SSIS Integration Toolkit - Ultimate Edition which includes connectivity solutions for some of the top leading enterprise applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, SharePoint and many more.
SSIS Productivity Pack
Expands on the features and functionality of the out-of-box Derived Column component to create a component with greater potentials, features, and ease-of use. Offers nearly 200 functions and an advanced expression editor.
Combines the functionality of the out-of-box Lookup and Fuzzy Lookup components into one simplified, easy to use component. The Premium Lookup component allows for any data input as the lookup source and includes several additional matching options without any deployment limitations.
An enhancement on the SSIS out-of-box component which creates an extremely easy development process without limitations. The component can process three types of slowly changing dimensions: Fixed Attributes, Changing Attributes and Historical Attributes.
A premium version of the SSIS ADO.NET Source component to include improved metadata handling and greater support for many different data providers.
A premium version of the SSIS ADO.NET Destination component which offers support for more data providers and all write actions (Insert, Update, Delete, and Upsert).
Facilitates connecting to Azure Service Bus from within SSIS.
Enables developers quickly and easily to read Azure Service Bus Queue or Topic data with support for custom fields.
Enables developers to quickly write to Azure Service Bus entities. Developers have the option to write to Queue, Topic, or Event Hub entities with full control on how they would like the data to be written to the queue.
Compares the fields from two sources to determine if rows are changed, unchanged, delete or added based on user selected primary key(s).
Compares rows within a data source to identify duplicate rows based on a fuzzy or exact match. The Duplicate Rows output contains additional fields for further processing.
An SSIS transformation component that facilitates transferring and merging data into JSON format with several options to control how the data should be inputted and formatted.
A transformation component which extracts data from JSON documents to enable the use of using JSON as a source within SSIS.
An SSIS transformation component that facilitates transferring and merging data into XML format with several options to control how the data should be inputted and formatted.
An SSIS transformation component that supports extracting column data from XML documents to use XML data as a source. Supports importing example XML document or an XSD schema with manual refinement to generate the expected hierarchy.
Merge column and variable data into an HTML template through a WYSIWYG or source editor.
Merge column and variable data into a text template.
Anonymize or mask sensitive data before moving it into another system by generating random sample data in the column based on a selected anonymization type.
A source component which generates random sample data for testing purposes.
Supports connecting to an IMAP, POP3, or Exchange Web Services mail server in SSIS.
Receive emails from a mail server and outputs them into columns.
Enables developers to connect to an SMTP server within SSIS.
Enables developers to send emails within the data flow using column data.
Used to send emails to predefined recipient(s) within the Control Flow.
Connect to an FTPS server within SSIS using the FTPS API.
Connect to an SFTP server within SSIS by utilizing the SFTP API.
Supports reading data from a file system through local, FTPS or SFTP connections.
Supports writing data to a file system using Upload, Move, or Delete write action. Supports FTPS, SFTP and local connections.
A more robust SSIS Flat File Source component to make reading files easier.
A more robust SSIS Flat File Destination component to make writing to files easier and more flexible.
An SSIS task component to transfer and perform basic file system tasks.
Compress or decompress files or directories within the SSIS Control Flow using the ZIP archive file format.
Perform PGP encryption actions on a file in SSIS; it can be used to encrypt, decrypt, CreateSignature or VerifySignature.
An SSIS transformation component for converting a date column from one timezone to another.
The SSIS Timer Task pauses package execution between Control Flow items.
Establish a connection with SSIS to an HTTP website, supports access to SOAP or REST based web services.
Can be used to send a series of HTTP requests and process their response.
Can be used to send an HTTP request and receive a response.
Enables SSIS developers to retrieve data from virtually any SOAP based service endpoint.
Enables SSIS developers to write data to virtually any SOAP based serviced endpoint.
An SSIS task component which enables developers to read/retrieve data from a web service.

Technical Requirements: The SSIS Productivity Pack requires Microsoft SQL Server, we support Microsoft SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, and 2005.