Google Drive Data Integration

via SSIS Productivity Pack

Integrate and migrate data to and from Google Drive with any other application or data source including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Shopify, Dropbox, and, Salesforce, to name just a few.

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kingswaysoft data integration made easy

What other applications can you sync with Google Drive?
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Data Integration Made Easy

Google Drive Components

Simplify your data management process with the Google Drive Connection Manager, Source, and Destination components.

Select only the necessary attributes from the object with the Columns page. Toggle the selection of all available fields conveniently to streamline data selection for downstream pipeline components.

Retrieve data from Google Drive seamlessly within your SSIS data flow pipeline.

Configure the source item path and selection mode effortlessly on the General page for efficient data retrieval.

Google Drive Destination - Columns

Amazon S3 data integration made easy

Synchronize Data

Easily sync Microsoft OneDrive data with your ERP, CRM, or any other application so information is always up-to-date. Share data across applications so your business operates with the latest information on hand.

Automate Business Processes

Streamline business processes by eliminating the need for repetitive work. When a task is completed, automatically relay the necessary information to Microsoft OneDrive and allow other applications to communicate directly with the database without the need for manual processing.

kingswaysoft data integration made easy

Replicate Data

kingswaysoft data integration made easy

Data Archival

Easily replicate data to Microsoft OneDrive for data archival and warehousing requirements.

kingswaysoft data integration made easy

Data Analytics

Easily retrieve data from Microsoft OneDrive so it is available for your choice BI and Analytics platform.

Google Drive Data Integration
is available in the
SSIS Productivity Pack

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