The SSIS Integration Toolkit - Ultimate Edition is the ultimate collection for all KingswaySoft SSIS Integration products, enabled using one single license key.

One single license key to enable all KingswaySoft SSIS Products

A much simplified and cost effective solution when you need more than 2 or 3 of our products.

Designed for those interested in licensing multiple SSIS Integration Toolkit products, the SSIS Integration Toolkit - Ultimate Edition allows you to install and use any of our SSIS Integration Toolkit products under a single commercial license key, offering a much more simplified licensing model. For each licensed integration server, you will have the ability to install any SSIS Integration Toolkit product on one server without incurring any addition cost. Your use of the license even includes any new products that may be released in the future (as long as your software maintenance allows for it).

Purchase a License Key for SSIS Integration Toolkit - Ultimate Edition

This is a license key purchase only, you will need to download the individual products you require and apply this key in the license manager program that comes with each of the products. 

Your software version must be of the June 9, 2015 release or later in order to utilize and apply this Ultimate Edition license key.