Update CRM Entityimage in 3 Easy Steps Using Premium Derived Column

24 November 2016
Jeremy Ji

In this blog post we will cover how you can very easily update CRM Entityimage within SSIS using the new Premium Derived Column.

Find and Merge CRM Duplicates With Ease Using SSIS Productivity Pack

04 November 2016
Chen Huang

This blog demonstrates how to use our SSIS Duplicate Detector component to find and merge duplicates with ease in CRM.

Implement BDD functionality using RowIndex function in the SSIS Productivity Pack

02 September 2016
Daniel Cai

SSIS Balanced Data Distributor has been commonly used for distributing incoming rows to multiple SSIS destination components to help improve integration performance. However BDD comes with a few limitations. In this blog post, I will show you a better way to implement it without sacrifice from the those limitations.

Using CRM Alternate Key(s) for Lookup Purpose in SSIS

16 May 2016
Daniel Cai

CRM 2015 Update 1 introduced the Alternate Key feature which can be used for Update and Upsert function as an alternative way to identify a CRM record in addition to the primary key. However there is one more scenario that this feature can be useful as well, but may have been overlooked, which is to use the Alternate Key for lookup purpose. In this blog post, I will show you how we have enabled the feature for lookup purpose.

Changes required when making CRM Service Calls in SSIS Script Component

11 May 2016
Daniel Cai

In our most recent release of SSIS Integration Toolkit v7.1 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we updated our support for SSIS 2016 and 2014. With this release there is a requirement to update your script component in order to work with the latest release.

Upcoming SSIS & Integration Toolkit Training Courses

10 August 2015
Jessica Petta

Our next block of training courses are schedules to begin August 18th. Contact us now to reserve your spot!

Error: The connection manager '' is not properly installed on this computer

20 August 2014
Daniel Cai

We have received a few reporting from our customers saying "The connection manager '' is not properly installed on this computer" when using SSDT-BI for Visual Studio 2013, this blog post tries to direct you to the download link which includes a fix for this issue.


Release: SSIS Integration Toolkit v4.0 for Salesforce

10 June 2014
KingswaySoft Announcement

Today, we're announcing a major upgrade of the SSIS Integration Toolkit for Salesforce. This new release includes several exciting features - mainly SQL Server 2014 support, better error handling, among many other enhancements.

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