Announcing Migration Starter Pack v4.0 for Microsoft CDS and Dynamics 365/CRM

17 December 2020
Chen Huang

Since the initial release of our CRM Migration Starter Pack followed by two major updates in last couple of years, we have received lot of positive feedback about the free package. We are thrilled that many of our partners and clients have taken the advantage of the free package to address their migration needs.

Based on some of the feedback that we have received, we have just updated the sample package to v4.0 so it now covers some important migration scenarios which were not properly addressed in the previous versions. The following are the new changes shipped in this update.

  1. We updated the quote migration step to support migrating all quotes with revisions. Note this requires using v20.1 (or later) of our Dynamics 365 toolkit and SSIS Productivity Pack.
  2. When a quote record is referenced in the lookup field, we changed to use quotenumber and revisionnumber as the input for lookup configuration so that we now support migrating all quotes with all revisions.
  3. We updated the "Final touch of activity records to update the status" step to work with individual activity entities. Previously, we use activitypointer which may not update some of the entity status correctly.

The package is available for download at the same URL. More details of the migration package can be found at our previous blog post.