The Center for Health Affairs uses SSIS Integration Toolkit for more efficient Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integrations

02 April 2018
KingswaySoft Team

Center for Health Affairs Case Study

The Center for Health Affairs & CHAMPS Healthcare provide a variety of services oriented around healthcare. They rely on Microsoft Dynamics CRM to keep their clients up-to-date with healthcare matters that impact their everyday lives. I recently spoke with John McLeod a developer for The Center about how he uses SSIS Integration Toolkit to help drive many of these communications.

One of the most interesting parts of our conversation for me was when he talked about their use of ExecuteWorkflow, which is a write action available within our CRM Destination component. Using this component developers can setup integration jobs to automate or batch process CRM workflows or custom actions against CRM records. John McLeod explained how this was such a great added benefit of our solution as it brings much greater efficiency to their entire CRM team. With their previous data integration solution, the email body needed to exist within the data integration project. This meant the CRM users who were providing the messaging could not update the email themselves and needed to go through the development team in order to make changes. Using our solution, the email body can now reside in CRM where the appropriate team members can update it as they need to without any involvement from John and the development team.

Overall, John McLeod spoke of how using our solution gives them greater control of their data and offers significant performance enhancements over their previous data integration platforms. The Center for Health Affairs uses our Ultimate Edition to take advantage of our Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Dynamics GP toolkits. They also have plans to begin using SSIS Productivity Pack in order to integrate with REST endpoints.

You can read more about how The Center for Health Affairs uses SSIS Integration Toolkit for their Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GP, and SharePoint integrations by reading our latest case study.