Release: SSIS Integration Toolkit v4.0 for Salesforce

10 June 2014
KingswaySoft Announcement

Today, we’re announcing the v4.0 release of our SSIS Integration Toolkit for Salesforce. The features of this release are similar to the features in the release candidate but with a few minor additions. The most exciting features in the release include SQL 2014 support, better error handling, among many other enhancements. The following is a list of the changes in v4.0.

  • New: SQL Server 2014 is now supported
  • New: We added a new output for Salesforce destination component (Salesforce Destination Default Output), which contains two columns - SalesforceRecordId to provide the ID of newly created Salesforce records and IsNew to indicate whether it is a new record or an existing record when Upsert action is used
  • New: We added Text Lookup support of Id column for Update and Delete action
  • New: We added support of "Ignore Case" option for Text Lookup feature
  • New: We added support of "Report Error on Duplicates" option for Text Lookup feature
  • Update: We updated the API version to 30.0 which supports Address, Geolocation compound fields among many other enhancements
  • Enhancement: SOQL query now supports function calls in ORDER BY clause
  • Enhancement: Text Lookup feature now supports multiple lookup entities
  • Breaking Change: We changed the implementation of error output, so it now only contains those rows that erred out.
  • Breaking Change: The Id column in the destination component’s Error Output is removed (it has moved to another output as indicated above)
  • Several other enhancements

The new release is available for immediate download from the following links (or our online download page). If you encounter any issues with this update, please contact us for immediate assistance.

As always, we appreciate your continued support.