SSIS 2012 Error - 'Salt' attribute for PassWord is missing in the project manifest

31 May 2013
Daniel Cai

We have received a couple of reporting of the following error message when using our SSIS Integration Toolkit:

'Salt' attribute for PassWord is missing in the project manifest.

This error happens when you have set the project's ProtectionLevel to EncryptSensitiveWithPassword in your SSIS 2012 project, and you create a project level connection manager with a Password specified.

After some preliminary investigation, we believe this is a bug of SQL Server 2012. We have tried WMI and SMOServer connection managers and we can re-produce the same error. WMI and SMOServer are two out-of-box connection managers offered by SQL Server which were written in .NET programming language. However this error doesn't happen to non-managed connection managers, such as ADO.NET, OLEDB, etc.

We have reported this issue to Microsoft team using Microsoft Connect site. Please help vote this issue if this affects you.The connect link includes some further details about how to re-produce this issue.

The following are a couple of workarounds before a fix becomes available for the issue.
  • Use package level connection managers instead. Note that you will lose some flexibility by doing so.
  • Use other options to store password, such as EncryptSensitiveWithUserKey.

[Update - September 4, 2013] We have been informed by Microsoft today, this issue has been fixed, it will be included in a future release or servicing release for SQL Server.

[Update - October 2014] Microsoft offered a fix for this issue in its recent cumulative update releases. In order to work with this fix, you would have to download our most recent software releases (anything released in October 2014 or after), as there were some changes that we have to make. In summary, to work with this error, you need to