The SSIS email components within the SSIS Productivity Pack enable developers to connect and retrieve emails from a POP3, IMAP, or Exchange Web Services server and to connect, and send single or batch emails via SMTP.

Send SMTP Emails in SSIS

The SSIS Productivity Pack enables sending emails through either the SMTP Task within the Control Flow or the SMTP Destination using column data within the Data Flow.

No scripting required

Sending emails through SSIS is simplified. The simple editor allows you to quickly set-up and design all the emails you need with many configurable options.

Send HTML Emails

Send full HTML emails from SSIS with an advanced HTML editor, includes the ability to turn off HTML.

Add Attachments

The SMTP SSIS components support adding multiple attachments to your emails offering limitless possibilities for your email content.

Email capabilities within SSIS have never been easier.


Read Emails in SSIS

The SSIS Productivity Pack enables retrieving POP3, IMAP, or Exchange Web Services emails within SSIS through the Email Source Component.

No scripting required

Simple editors mean you can connect and retrieve email from your server without needing to create any custom coding.

Email Read & Search Options

Many configurable options give you great control over the specific types of emails you receive and how they are processed.

Retrieve Attachments

Full support to retrieve email attachments and output them to a secondary output.