New CRM SDK Feature - New Query Operators

19 April 2015
Daniel Cai

CRM query system has been further enhanced in CRM Online 2015 Update 1 release to support more datetime filtering operators.

Additional Older-than Operators

Older-than operators allow you to perform filtering against CRM date/time fields by returning the records that are older than the provided criteria. CRM Online 2015 Update 1 release added a few more older-than operators in addition to the olderthan-x-months operator which was available before this release.

Operator Allowed Values Supported Version
olderthan-x-minutes 1-1440 v7.1+
olderthan-x-hours 1-2000 v7.1+
olderthan-x-days 1-500 v7.1+
olderthan-x-weeks 1-100 v7.1+
olderthan-x-months 1-100 v3.0+
olderthan-x-weeks 1-100 v7.1+
olderthan-x-years 1-100 v7.1+

Note that olderthan-x-months may have been around even before v3.0.

Those new operators can be seen in CRM Advanced Find window.

For further details about how to use those operators, please refer to CRM SDK documentation page: Date and time query operators in FetchXML.

Hope this helps.

Daniel Cai | KingswaySoft

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