Release: SSIS Integration Toolkit v5.0 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

10 June 2014
KingswaySoft Announcement

Today, we’re announcing the v5.0 release of our SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The features of this release are similar to the features in the release candidate but with a few minor additions. The most exciting features include SQL 2014 support, a new action called Convert in CRM destination component, better error handling, among many other enhancements. The following is a list of the changes in v5.0.

  • New: SQL Server 2014 is now supported
  • New: We added a new action called Convert in CRM destination component which supports converting lead, opportunity, quote, salesorder, and team entity records
    • Lead - Qualify a lead by converting it to CRM account, contact and opportunity records
    • Opportunity - Convert an opportunity record to a quote
    • Quote - Convert a quote to a salesorder
    • Salesorder - Convert a salesorder to an invoice
    • Team - Convert an owner team to an access team
  • New: We added support for createdby, and modifiedby field in CRM destination component
  • New: An Impersonate As option was added to CRM source component
  • New: We added a new output for CRM destination component (Dynamics CRM Destination Default Output), which contains two columns - CrmRecordId to provide the ID of newly created CRM records and IsNew to indicate whether it is a new record or an existing record when Upsert action is used
  • New: Text Lookup feature is now available for PartyList fields
  • New: We added a new option in Text Lookup feature which you can use to Opt Out from using Text Lookup for a particular lookup entity
  • New: We added a new option in CRM OptionSet Mapping Component that allows you to specify the internal integer value field. This  can be used as the input of the internal integer value of new CRM OptionSet/picklist option
  • New: We added two new options to Text Lookup feature. The Ignore case option allows case-insensitive lookup and the Report error on duplicates option will report an error when a duplicate is found within text lookup cache
  • New: We added support for isdisabled field of businessunit entity
  • New: We added support for revisionnumber field of quote entity
  • Enhancement: When Enable Stack Trace option is turned on, we now report error messages in the same way in UI forms
  • Enhancement: Improved cache implementation
  • Enhancement: Improved startup time with CRM destination component
  • Enhancement: Significantly re-engineered CRM OptionSet Mapping component with better design-time support
  • Change: The output column of partylist fields is now NTEXT
  • Breaking Change: The Id column in the destination component’s Error Output is removed (it has moved to another output as indicated above)
  • Breaking Change: In CRM source component, the output of partylist field is now in JSON format
  • Fixed: Under a unique situation, you may receive an error "CRM service call returned an error: Cannot insert duplicate key.CRM service call returned an error: new_myentityname With Id = 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 Does Not Exist", where new_myentityname is the primary entity's name of the CRM destination component
  • Several other enhancements and optimization

The new release is available for immediate download from the following links (or our online download page). Should you encounter any issues with the new release, please contact us immediately.

We hope you will find the new release useful. Thanks for your continued support!