Release: SSIS Integration Toolkit v3.1 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

12 June 2013
Daniel Cai

Today we are pleased to announce the release of SSIS Integration Toolkit v3.1 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The new release includes the following enhancements and bug fixes.

  • New: We added support for isdisabled field of systemuser entity. (Thanks to Adrian for the suggestion)
  • New: We added support for Enterprise License, which allows unlimited installations within an organization
  • Enhancement: We have overcome the limitation of CRM metadata service when working with lookup name field which reports inaccurate string length. The enhancement is made to CRM source component. (Thanks to Scott for the suggestion)
  • Enhancement: In CRM Destination Component, if you set Error Handling option to Redirect rows to error output, we now report the actual error code returned from CRM server for ErrorCode column, should CRM server return an error. We used to always return a constant value of 1 in previous versions. (Thanks to Daniele for the suggestion)
  • Enhancement: It is now possible to write script component by utilizing CRM connection managers that are available in SSIS package, which provides full SDK capability that allows talking to CRM server. (Thanks to Artem for the suggestion)
  • Enhancement: CRM Connection Manager now accepts Password and ProxyPassword parameter in its connection string
  • Fixed: When working with self-referenced many-to-many relationship entity, you might encounter the error: System.Exception: CRM server returned an error: Entity role must be specified for reflexive relationship 'xxx'. xxx is the relationship name that represents the self-referenced many-to-many relationship entity. (Thanks to Kevin for reporting this issue)
  • Fixed: CRM Connection Manager stores your password in plain text for your SSIS 2012 project if you set the project's ProtectionLevel to EncryptSensitiveWithPassword when you use Project Deployment Model. (Thanks to John for reporting this issue)
  • Fixed: You receive an exception when you use Text Lookup feature for a lookup field and at the same time you choose to use the field for Upsert matching (Thanks to Jing and Raj for reporting this issue)

Along with the new release, we have made some updates to the software's license agreement.

Thank you for reading, we appreciate your continued support.