KingswaySoft is proud to announce the addition of NetSuite to its SSIS Integration Toolkit product family.

Highlights of this release include new components and enhancements added to the SSIS Productivity Pack, a new Salesforce Wave destination and other enhancements to our Salesforce toolkit, and support for Audit Fields and other enhancements to our SharePoint toolkit.

New updates to several products within the SSIS Integration Toolkit have been released in this winter release wave.

Version 2 adds 12 brand new SSIS components to the rapidly expanding SSIS Productivity Pack and now includes the SSIS Integration Toolkit - Premium File Pack.

KingswaySoft is proud to announce the introduction of the SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

KingswaySoft is proud to introduce the SSIS Integration Toolkit for Magento to integrate your commerce data with your ERP, CRM, and virtually any application or database.

The SSIS Productivity Pack, collection of premium SSIS components for an improved SSIS ETL development experience with greater potentials, is officially out of Beta just in time for SQL Pass Summit.

On Thursday October 6, 2016 we invited prominent members of Oakville, the local technology community, and our area clients to see our new office location.

We are excited to announce Beta 3 of the SSIS Productivity Pack which includes 3 additional components including the Duplicate Detector, Premium ADO.NET Source component, and PGP encryption task.

The Migration Started Pack for CRM Online and On-Premise is a sample SSIS package which uses the SSIS Integration Toolkit to kick start your Microsoft Dynamics CRM development.