Salesforce Data Integration

Integrate Salesforce with virtually any application or data source that you may need to work with


Salesforce Data Integration with NetSuite, Active Directory, SharePoint, HubSpot, and, virtually any other application or data source that you may need to work with

Experience more features and greater performance for your Salesforce data integration project.
The SSIS Integration Toolkit for Salesforce is the most performant and feature rich data integration solution for Salesforce on the market. With a meticulously designed software that leverages the power of the SSIS ETL engine for a familiar development experience, your integration job can be completed three to ten times faster.

The SSIS Integration Toolkit for Salesforce

  • An extremely simplified ETL development experience within a familiar development environment (Microsoft Visual Studio) provides your developers the best possible development productivity.
  • Intuitive user interface to manage different aspects of your integration development in a code-less, drag and drop environment.
  • Robust error handling and superior performance.
  • Text Lookup feature makes Salesforce lookup references painlessly easy and it comes with many configurable options.
  • Includes support for writing to Salesforce Wave Analytics (also known as Salesforce Einstein Analytics) using the Salesforce Wave Destination component.
  • Includes support for Salesforce Marketing Cloud using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connection Manager, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Source, and, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Destination.
  • Equipped with many specifically designed integration options, the SSIS Integration Toolkit is the most flexible solution to read from or write to Salesforce.

Salesforce Connection Manager

Salesforce Integration Components

  • "Retry on intermittent errors" to deal with transient network or server problems in a robust fashion.
  • Read data from either a Salesforce object or using SOQL query
  • The most sophisticated support for SOQL queries, including the support for child-to-parent relationship, aggregation, datetime functions, and parameterized queries that utilize SSIS variables.
  • Support for Salesforce bulk API
  • "Refresh Salesforce Metadata" feature makes it easy to update components to latest Salesforce metadata without having to delete and re-create them.
  • Seven different write actions for writing to Salesforce server: Create, Update, Delete, Upsert, Merge, HardDelete, and UnDelete.
  • Automatically maps all available input columns to the corresponding Salesforce fields by matching their names.
  • Text Lookup feature to perform a lookup to Salesforce records using either text or integer values as the input
  • "Ignore Null-Valued Fields" to avoid overwriting existing values with an empty value.
  • Write to Salesforce Wave Analytics (Einstein Analytics) using Append, Delete, Overwrite and Upsert operations.

What Our Clients Have to Say

American Society of Clinical Oncology

"The KingswaySoft tool’s UI is very intuitive and you cannot beat the support they provide. Kudos to the support team who was always very responsive and at times would send us updated binaries to get us going right away. Thank you!"

Senior DBA

Celedon Partners

"KingswaySoft provides Celedon Partners an efficient and cost effective way to perform data migrations and integrations using technologies that our customers are comfortable with. Many of our customers have Microsoft SQL Server in house and the skills to support an integration in SSIS. For these types of customers, Celedon recommends to their clients KingswaySoft rather than bringing in a new technology platform specifically to support their CRM solution data migrations / integrations."

~Chris Scott

Sonoma Partners

"KingswaySoft products for SSIS have completely changed the way we approach data migrations and integrations with Microsoft CRM and Salesforce. Previously, we were forced to choose between direct SQL methods, C# scripts (requiring extensive development time), or the limited native data import tools on the respective platforms."

"Now our Database Developers can be fully utilized to create complex data integrations or migrations from start to finish without the need for additional development resources. Additionally, SSIS packages are easier to develop and maintain with KingswaySoft products versus direct SQL or C# scripts. KingswaySoft is our go-to recommendation for any data integration project."

~Chris LaBadie
Senior Database Developer


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