XML in SSIS is made easy with the XML components available in SSIS Productivity Pack. The SSIS Productivity Pack includes four XML components, two to transform existing XML data into column data, the others to transform column data into XML to allow developers to convert data into XML format or retrieve data from XML format to use in their downstream pipeline.

These SSIS XML components offer developers full flexibility and control over their XML data structure. Developers are able to add, select and deselect nodes and structure their data as needed for input or output.


The SSIS XML Source component allows developers to retrieve XML documents from an HTTP URL based service endpoint or a local file. The components will then break up the structure and produce column data which can be consumed by downstream SSIS pipeline components. With XML Source component developers are able to integrate with virtually any web service through an XML or SOAP-based service call.

Also available is a XML Extract component which is a transformation component that can be used to extract XML document or column data already in SSIS pipeline by transforming it into tabular data structure which can be further consumed by downstream SSIS pipeline components.

Either component will support as many outputs as needed based on the XML structure to transform all necessary data into column data to use as required in the downstream pipeline.

SSIS XML Source component
SSIS XML Source component - design xml
SSIS XML Extract component

SSIS XML Destination

Using SSIS XML Destination, developers are able to merge input data based on the XML data structure defined in the component. You can then specify the component to write the merged XML document to a local file or you can send it to a HTTP URL to perform an XML or SOAP-based service call.

Also available is XML Merge component which is a transformation component that can be used within an ETL project to merge input data into XML document structure.

Either component will support as many data inputs as needed to create the desired XML hierarchical structure. The transformed XML data can then be used for many scenarios including sending to a web service, or save to a file stored locally or in the cloud.

SSIS XML Destination component
SSIS XML Destination - Design XML
SSIS XML Destination Output Columns

Premium XML SSIS Components


Supported XML Sources & Destinations

The XML SSIS components are part of the SSIS Productivity Pack, this is a collection of premium SSIS components to enable greater development productivity. There are many components within this pack that can be used to support development with XML data such as Web Services Components and Premium File Pack components which support connecting to FTP, SFTP, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, or SharePoint servers and include Premium Flat File components which can be used to retrieve or write to an XML file.

Get started with XML data in SSIS by downloading the SSIS Productivity Pack for free.