The Premium ADO.NET Source and Destination components offers expanded functionality to the out-of-box SSIS ADO.NET components. With the advanced options and functionality, our Premium ADO.NET components become a developer's go-to solution when reading or writing to virtually any database.

The Premium ADO.NET Destination component allows developers to not only insert data into a database, but also allows them to use Update, Delete and even Upsert actions.

Our Premium ADO.NET components, part of the SSIS Productivity Pack, offer much great performance, flexibility and ease of use with advanced datatype detection.

ssis upsert data to database

Write to any database using Create, Update, Delete, Upsert, Full Sync, or Custom Command

Supports reading and writing to any database including SQL, Oracle, or MySQL databases within SSIS.

Support for SQL, ODBC, OLE DB, Oracle Client, ODP.NET Managed & Unmanaged and MySQL data providers using the ADO.NET Connection Manager.

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Retrieving data from a database using SSIS

Premium ADO.NET SSIS Source Component

Read from any database in SSIS easier with the Premium ADO.NET Source component which offers greater development flexibility and usability with superior performance.

Auto-generates select statement for retrieving data from the database source which can be further customized to perform powerful queries.

Developers can preview the results of their query prior to task execution.

Improved SSIS metadata handling means zero to minimum breaking changes to the downstream pipeline components when the source query is changed.

Writing data to a database using SSIS

Premium ADO.NET SSIS Destination Component

Use Create, Update, Delete, Upsert, Full Sync or Custom Command to write data to any database using SSIS.

Upsert data to your destination within minutes, no coding or advanced transformations required.

Create new tables, options for duplicate handling, and support for in-place lookup to easily perform lookup with more advanced features and no additional component configuration.

Support for Bulk Insert, Update, & Upsert available for some databases.