Using our SSIS data integration solutions, you can integrate, write and retrieve data with virtually any other application, API or database system. See our use cases section for multiple data integration scenarios utilizing our solutions.

Our SSIS Integration Toolkits make it easy to work with data from different sources within the ETL process. Each component available has been specifically developed to expand and enhance data migration and integration processes. This way developers can achieve more with less effort. Solutions include dedicated support for several leading enterprise applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Salesforce, and many more. These connectivity solutions are available on their own or all together with the SSIS Integration Toolkit Ultimate Edition.

Application-Based Integration Toolkits for SSIS

Dynamics 365
Directory Services
Microsoft Dynamics GP
Microsoft Dynamics SL
Microsoft Project Server
Microsoft SharePoint
Oracle CRM On Demand
Oracle Marketing Cloud
DevOps (Team Foundation) Server

All SSIS integration toolkits and components are available in the
SSIS Integration Toolkit Ultimate Edition