The components listed below are some of our unique SSIS components which developer's may use every day to enhance their productivity.

These components stand on their own as providing a unique purpose not quite like any other components found within the SSIS Productivity Pack.

  • Google Analytics Connection Manager
    • Facilitates connection to a Google Analytics account through the Google Analytics Rest API.
  • Google Analytics Source Component
    • Facilitates retrieving Google Analytics data, supports custom segments, dimensions and metrics.
  • Google Analytics Token Manager
    • The Token Manager is used when development and deployment occur on different machines. It is a utility external to SSIS for adding, removing, importing or exporting Tokens from machine to machine.
  • Timer Task
    • An SSIS task component used to pause execution of a package with 3 available pause modes: Fixed Time, Wait Until, Wait Until Variable.
  • Time Zone Conversion
    • An SSIS data flow component which can be used to convert a date column from one timezone to another.

Youtube Video - Getting started with SSIS Productivity Pack - Timer Task

Youtube Video - Getting started with SSIS Productivity Pack - Time Zone Conversion