Our Accelerated Boot Camp brings two training sessions (Foundation of SSIS Development, and, Crash Course - Dynamics 365 Integration Toolkit) together to enable you to become a sophisticated ETL developer within two days using the SSIS platform.

What is covered in the training?

  • SSIS Foundation
    • General introduction of SSIS infrastructure and development model
    • Working with SSIS project and its artifacts
    • Leveraging out-of-box SSIS control flow tasks and data flow components
    • Working with SSIS Variables, Parameters and Expressions
    • Deployment models and scheduling
  • Dynamics 365 Integration Toolkit
    • Deep dive into CRM/CDS Connection Manager, Source, Destination and Option Set mapping components
    • Implementations patterns and best practices
    • Proper software licensing
    • Performance tuning and troubleshooting

How the training is delivered?

  • Training is delivered virtually using an online virtual training platform
  • The training will consist of instructional presentations and guided exercise (exercise handbooks will be provided)
  • You will require a proper internet connection
  • An audio headset is recommended


$799 USD

  • One attendee each (make sure that you provide the attendee name after order is placed)
  • 4-hour virtual training content delivered on https://training.kingswaysoft.com
  • A total of 7-hour virtual training content with an optional 45 minutes Q&A session to address any questions that you may have - the Q&A session is conducted once a month using a webinar platform

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