Microsoft SharePoint Data Integration

Integrate Microsoft SharePoint with virtually any application or data source that you may need to work with


SharePoint Data Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, SQL Database, Marketo, Salesforce, and, virtually any other application or data source that you may need to work with

Powerful data integration for SharePoint is possible with the SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft SharePoint.
With this high-performance, easy-to-use, cost-effective data integration solution built on the SSIS ETL engine, developers can use the skill-set they already know to quickly build effective SSIS data integration packages for SharePoint and any other application or database system.

The SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft SharePoint

  • Take advantage of the freedom, flexibility and power of the SSIS ETL engine to facilitate Microsoft SharePoint data integration.
  • Performant and easy-to-use SSIS components to quickly connect, read and write to Microsoft SharePoint Online or On-Premises.
  • Option to retrieve data from SharePoint using CAML query filters built in the Query Designer.
  • Manage your SharePoint flat files with 3 bonus SSIS components included with the toolkit.
  • Integrate your SharePoint data with virtually any application or database system including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Marketo, SQL Databases and Oracle Databases.

SharePoint Connection Manager

SharePoint Integration Components

  • Write to SharePoint lists and document libraries using 7 different write actions: Create, Update, Delete, CreateFolder, CheckIn, CheckOut, and Moderate.
  • Support for multi-threaded writing using one single configuration.
  • Write to Microsoft Dynamics through various write actions with many configurable options and advanced settings.
  • Query Designer allows you to design CAML Query directly within the SharePoint Source Component.
  • Manage SharePoint flat files with SSIS Productivity Pack's Premium Flat File Source, Destination and File Transfer Task components included.

What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

The Center for Health Affairs

"The fact that these tools work in SSIS AND conform to Microsoft's policy of not modifying the back end data was a life saver for me. I use the Dynamics CRM tools the most followed closely by SharePoint and they have saved me numerous hours compared to other solutions. I consider SSIS a best of breed tool for ETL and the fact that I can keep all my ETL under that roof is awesome."

"KingswaySoft has been very responsive to all of my customer service needs from purchasing, installing and tech support. They have exceeded my expectations."

~John McLeod

Andrew Sykes Group

"Since deployment to our production environment, the run-time of the regular daily processing (which was scheduled to begin every 15 minutes) has reduced from 15-20 minutes to now just 90 seconds using SSIS and KingswaySoft. I would say that the product is very competent and I feel it deserves the reputation and recognition of some of the more expensive alternatives."

~Rob Dawson
Dynamics CRM Consultant

Oakton Services

"With the KingswaySoft SSIS Integration Toolkit, we were able to solve the challenge with less learning curve. By utilizing our existing knowledge in SSIS combined with the intuitive design of the KingswaySoft adapter, we were able to accomplish the complex data migration task in a short timeframe. It was assisted by the exceptional performance of KingswaySoft SSIS Integration Toolkit that was able to process large volumes of data in a short time."

"We are really happy with the product and service that KingswaySoft provided. We received prompt replies from KingswaySoft representatives even though we are on a different time zone (Australia and Canada)."

~Andre Margono


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